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T24 HERS Test Inspection Day

Advanced Lower Home Energy staff or your contractor has scheduled an appointment for you. This is a necessary process to complete the installation. 

Title 24 contains the requirements of the California State Building Code. This building code requires diagnostic testing to achieve the minimum level of energy efficiency for new construction and home alterations. 


On inspection day please be prepared to give our inspectors a tour of your home. They will need access to the furnace, air-conditioner, and rooms with supply or return ducts. Also please provide access to attic hatches, subfloors and basement. 


ID badges and booties will be worn onsite.  Business cards will be available electronically. Technician can further assist you.


Expect 1 to 2 hours onsite.

Advanced Lower Home Energy HERS INSPECTION REPORT_edite
Advanced Lower Home Energy T24 Hers Inspection
Advanced Lower Home Energy Inspection

What to expect on a T24 HERS inspection

Identification Badge

Clearly labeled identification badge located on their shirt for additional verification, and peace of mind. Once we enter the home, our inspector will first need access to the new heating or air conditioning equipment, to verify the model and serial numbers. We politely ask that our technicians are allowed access to the attic, and crawl spaces of the home as it helps us to provide the most accurate inspection possible.

Advanced Lower Home Energy diagnostic testing

Onsite Diagnostic Testing

Air Flow Verification – Duct Leakage Testing – Refrigerant Charge Verification

Expect at least 3 diagnostic tests to be performed on your new system. It is possible that all the tests are not needed but that will be determined prior to the site visit. Below is some more detail on each test.

Duct Leakage Testing

Duct leakage testing is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the airtightness of forced air heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in ductwork. We will need you to identify all supply and return ducts in each room. These room ducts will need to be covered so we can pressurize the system. The state requires a minimum leakage in the ductwork so it is very important to locate any supply or return ducts.

T 24 inspection

Refrigerant charge verification

After the HVAC contractor has installed and charged the system the inspector will connect gauges to the air conditioner to verify that it meets the proper refrigerant levels according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Air Flow Verification

Air Flow Verification will determine if the correct amount of air is entering the HVAC system. This is a measurement to verify that there is enough air being pulled through the system. The state requires 350 cfm per ton.

Air Flow Verification
Air Flpow Verification

All tests required will be checked for compliance. We will then process the necessary Title 24 documents  that you will need to complete your permit processing.

Advanced Lower Home Energy


Rebates are available except for Berkeley. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. 

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800-568-4733 530-304-3082

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MON - FRI 8:00 - 5:00

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